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Keeping up with Technology: Podcasts

What is a podcast?

A podcast is an episodic series of digital audio files that a user can download in order to listen. Podcasts are similar to radio programs in form, but they exist as audio files that can be played at a listener's convenience, anytime or anywhere on a computer or mobile device.

Some people describe podcasts as “radio on the Internet,” but the medium of podcasting has become so much more. From serialized fiction to uncensored comedy to long-form news reporting, podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular resource for entertainment and information. You can listen to podcasts using your computer or a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Podcasting often uses a non-payment subscription model, whereby new episodes automatically download to a user's own local computer, mobile application, or portable media player.  The vast majority of podcasts do not accept payment from listeners.  Podcasts earn money via advertising, just like the radio. The word subscription in the instance refers to your agreement to allow new episodes to be downloaded to your device. 

Podcast Apps

Podcast Apps

Apple's Native Podcast App




Google's Android Podcast App




Spotify's Podcast App for iOS or Android



Stitcher Podcasts for iOS or Android

Finding a Podcast for You

Genie's Picks

Apple Podcast Instructions

How to listen to podcasts on an iPhone or iPad

On iPhones and iPads, iOS provides you with the Podcasts app for listening to podcasts. Here’s how you use it:

Tap the Podcasts app to launch it.


Tap Browse at the bottom of the screen to look for podcasts.
You can scroll through lists of popular podcasts in different categories (like Top Shows, News, Sports, and so on), or you can search for a podcast by tapping the Search button

When you find a podcast that you want to listen to, tap on its icon.
The title page of the podcast appears, which gives a description and a list of available episodes.





Tap on an episode title to begin playing it.
Much like the Music app in iOS, what you’re playing is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Tap in that area to view playback controls. You can pause as well as skip forward and backward.






If you like a podcast and want to keep listening to more episodes, click the Subscribe button at the top of the podcast’s title page.







You can access the podcasts you’ve subscribed to by tapping Library at the bottom of the Podcasts app screen.









Podcasts for Kids & Families