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Teen Services: Teen Poetry Contest


2019 Teen Poetry Contest

Announcing the Greenburgh Public Library 2019 Teen Poetry Contest!
Check out the brochure below for all the details -- Please spread the word to your students & friends!

A great way to Celebrate National Poetry Month coming this April!

  • Who is eligible? Teen poets 12 – 19 years of age
  • Teen Prizes: First Prize: $100.00 !!! Second Prize: $50.00 !!!
  • Submission Deadline:  April 2, 2019 @ 11:59 PM 
  • Winners will be announced: April 16, 2019 at the GPL Poetry Celebration -- You need not be present to win.
All poem submissions will be on display at Greenburgh Public Library starting 2nd Half of April-May!
Poetry Contest Rules Below:
For more information please call 914-721-8224 or email

2018 Teen Poetry Contest Winners

2018 Contest Winners:
Please scroll down to read the winning entries. 
  • First Place = Mossiah Smith for "Black Man's Plight"
  • Second Place = Lynassa Lugay for "Love Letter"
  • Third Place = Noah Plattus for"Amusement Adventures" 
  • Honorable Mention = June Lee for "One Man's Back"
  • Honorable Mention = Maeve Reynolds for "What Are You?"
Exciting News:
  • All poems entered in the contest will be on display in GPL's Teen Department  starting the first week of May -- Come visit and see your poem on public display!
  • All poems entered in the contest will be published in the first ever Teenburgh Poetry Contest Literary Magazine! Every poet who entered the contest will receive a digital copy and you can check out a print copy that will available on the shelf in the library's Teen Department. Publication date will be in late May 2018.
Teen Writing Group Next Meeting:  Held every other month on a Saturday. Next Meeting: May 12 @ 3:30 PM. The group is run by local published author Jaz Johnson! For more details on this group click here to view our online event calendar. 
Thank you all for entering the contest, and Congratulations to our winners!

First Place = Mossiah Smith for "Black Man's Plight"

Black Man's Plight


Only one way out of the black man’s plight

You gotta dribble like Kyrie or bounce like Mike

What are we supposed to do if we can’t fiddle with mics?

We join gangs, we get into fights

We sell dope, we stay out at night

All this, just to keep on the lights


From the moment we stepped upon this patch of land

It appears that we were forsaken, damned

If it’s not a dribble on a court, we’re unable to reach

Instead, we’re still with many of our black men unable to breach

Rifles held to the chest by a white man’s hand

Somehow still the white man thinks he’s damned

The littlest ounce of prospering makes the white man mad


If it’s not entertainment, there’s no love

We ain’t it, eons of ignorance, is what I blame it

Shut up and dribble, this generation's “Make me a Sandwich”

Maybe we need to stop asking for understanding

I can’t stand it the fashion in which they brand us

Economic suffering not killing us fast enough

We still in a noose, it just isn’t fastened ‘nuf


Only one way out of the black man’s plight

You gotta dribble like Kyrie or bounce like Mike


What are we supposed to do if we can’t fiddle with mics?

We join gangs, we get into fights

We sell dope, we stay out at night

All this, just to keep on the lights


They assassinate my character

I say, they’ve broken the marriage up

No longer are we united by the humanity that once bandaged us

100 plus years of suffering hasn’t abandoned us

Maybe it’s time to stop looking for the recognition

We all hurting and it’s time we recognized the condition


To all my brothers and sisters I wish that we could just kick it

To all my brothers and sisters I wish for our commitment

To all my brothers and sisters I wish you’d support our business

To all my brothers and sisters working for what feels like forever,

To all my brothers and sisters it ain't too late to come together

Cause too much black and too much love, equal forever


Second Place = Lynassa Lugay for "Love Letter" 

Love Letter

It is 11:11 pm
Instead of counting sheep to invite sleep, she counts calories
She fills up on warm water, saltines, and compliments
And the warm mahogany that once filled her skin has become gray and diluted like the love she had for herself

Baby girl, we were made for soft stomachs and realistic standards
For full breasts and sweet thoughts
Your lips drip with sugar for everyone else when that beauty should have your name written on it
These curves are a story that needs to read and protruding ribs cages do not allow that

It is 11:11 and my wish is that you fall in love with your intelligence
That you shed negativity not hair or pounds
That the cold in your lips is the result of ice cream sandwiches

Allow yourself to love the rolls when you sit

The chins from laughter
The friction of your thighs when you walk
Because, my love, how else would we spark fires?



Third Place = Noah Plattus for"Amusement Adventures"   

Amusement Adventures

I see the lights

They glow in the distance

I follow the path
Im finally back

The line is so long

But I stand there strong

The cart is there

I sit down it the chair

Ready to go

Please go slow!

We move up the ramp

I am the champ

But when there’s the drop

My heart begins to stop

People are laughing

People are screaming

I'm just teeming

To get off the ride

The stop has arrived

Im thrilled I survived


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