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Keeping Up with Tech - About

Keeping up with technology is challenging for everyone from the casual user to the industry insider. There is just so much news coming out about Internet privacy, identity theft, data breaches, the latest devices, the best app, etc. Where do you go for reliable, accurate and authoritative information about technology that is useful to you? On this webpage I will introduce you to such resources as I discover them.

My name is Genie Contrata and I'm going to help you navigate the world of technology information. Who am I? A librarian, a mostly self-taught computer user and a casual+ user of the Internet.

At the library you will find me at the 2nd floor Information Desk or out and about the town of Greenburgh promoting the library's digital collections. If you need help with GPL's digital collections call me for a one-on-one appointment. I can be reached at 914-721-8232 or

Genie's Internet How To Sites

Favorite How-To Site

As much as I love information, learning new things, and just knowing how stuff works, I don't like a cluttered email box. Almost every website  I do not allow any of these recommended sites to send me notifications or alerts. When I need information I'll find it.

Lifewire provides expert-created, real-world technology content for more than 10 million users like you every month. I really like this site, the articles are easy to understand and the visuals are great. They really do live up to their tagline, Tech Untangled.

The Lifewire homepage is broken down into four categories, How To, Fix, Buy and Do More. Check out the Feb 6, 2019 article, How to Cancel a PayPal Payment, it's not always possible.

MakeUseOf is an online publication that issues tips and guides on how to make the most of the Internet, computer software, and mobile apps. Their mission is to help users understand and navigate modern trends in consumer technology. MakeUseOf was founded in 2007.

I like this site very much, the articles range from basic and very practical to more advanced for Linux users. Please check the publication dates, I suggest skipping articles older than last year.

In January 2019 MakeUseOf, did a nice article on reducing eye strain by switching to a dark theme on your Windows 10 computer.

Genie's Favorite Tech Podcast - USA Today Talking Tech with Jefferson Graham

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There are many good podcasts about technology available, but Jefferson Graham is my absolute favorite because he keeps it short and to the point. His podcasts run about 5 minutes long, and he gets right to the topic. There isn't as much detail in his podcasts as others, but he gives you a starting place to investigate further.

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