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Should You Spy on Your Kid . . . at Camp? - Posted July 2019

By Caroline Knorr for Common Sense Media

Summer camps' daily updates for parents may put a dent in the independence you're supposed to be fostering. Today's camps -- both day camps and sleepover camps -- are in a bit of a catch-22 when it comes to sharing updates of the kids' days. Many know that parents want to see evidence, whether it's photos, videos, or even counselors' write-ups, of positive experiences. But camps also need to make good on their end of the bargain, which is to foster independence, help your kid mature, boost their self-esteem, and expand their horizons. Not all of that stuff looks pretty. Here are a few ways to balance your need to know with your kids' need to spread their wings.

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Food for Thought

In a blog post, The Surveillance of our Youth, Scott McLeod poses some interesting questions.  Should we monitor every single book or online resource that our children read? Should we use biometric school lunch checkout systems so that we can see exactly what our children eat for lunch each day? Should we dig through our children’s belongings and rooms every morning after they leave for school to see if they’re doing something that they shouldn’t? Should we install RFID and GPS tags into our children’s clothing and backpacks so that we can track them in real time? Should we slap lifelogging cameras on our kids and review them every evening? Should we install keystroke logging software or monitor everything that youth search for on the Internet? Which of these makes you uncomfortable and which doesn’t? . . .  I wonder if there’s an opt out for families that don’t want to Big Brother or helicopter parent their children…

To read the entire post go to McLeod's blog,