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Quick Tip on Internet Privacy & Security

How to Create Strong Passwords

Think your passwords are tough to hack? Thing again. On the Consumer 101 TV show, host Jack Rico and Consumer Reports expert Bobby Richter show you to protect your most private information online.

Source: (2019, Feb 11).  Article by Allen St. John. Retrieved from

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The Internet privacy and security page will give you links to organizations dedicated to increasing aware of these issues, current articles in the news and practical advice on securing your digital life.

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What You Need to Know

Want a security starter pack?

Start from the beginning with a selection of simple steps.

Surveillance impacts all of us, no matter where we live or what we do. While some of us might be directly affected, others may simply want to know what measures they can take to protect their communications and data from spying. This introductory playlist will help you discover how to assess your personal risk, protect your most cherished communications and information, and start thinking about incorporating privacy-enhancing tools into your daily routine.

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Food for Thought?

Connected devices are 'creepy' – United States [infographic]
Copyright: Consumers International and Internet Society
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