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About Press Reader: Home

A how to page for FAQs, tutorials and support pages.

What is PressReader?

A digital newspaper and magazine platform with unlimited access to over 6,000+ publications from around the world, in 60+ languages, available on your smartphone, tablet and laptop.

Why Should I Use PressReader?

  • Read today's newspapers from all over the world, including New York Daily News, New York Post
  • Read current issues of magazines covering current events, politics, business, food, travel, sports, crafting, spirituality, technology and more
  • The layout mirrors the print version of each newspaper and magazine or switch to text layout for easier viewing. 
  • Text to speech available
  • Many non-English publications available
  • Share, save and print articles

Accessing PressReader

  • Remote access requires a library card and Internet connection
  • To view all publications create an account with your library card
  • Compatible with Android, iOS and Kindle Fire tablets (NOT available for Kindle Paperwhite)
  • Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge web browsers

Tutorials and Help Pages

Sign In Tips

  • Library card holders have free access to PressReader publications; ignore all popup messages with subscription offers.
  • Click on Sign In to create an account





  • When prompted use the Library or Group sign in option











  • Sign in again after 30 days