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Study Rooms: Study Rooms

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Glass Study Rooms

Glass Study Rooms

The Glass Study Rooms are located on the Second Floor of the Library in the Quiet Study.

These rooms can be used up to two (2) hours per day per patron, available on a first come, first serve basis, and can be used to work and study. Extensions may be granted if no other patron is waiting for the room. 

The two glass study rooms on the second floor shall be used in this manner:

  • The Glass Study Rooms are not soundproof and cannot be used to conduct video conferences, talk on a cellphone, or listen to music.
  • Video conferences and cellphone usage is limited to the Lobby or the Local History Room. 
  • Covered drinks only. Food is prohibited in the Quiet Study and limited to the Lobby only.
  • No extra furniture can be added or taken away from the room.

Power outlets are limited to Study Room A. There are no power outlets in Study Room B.