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Teen Services: VolunTeens

The Greenburgh Public Library's collection of video games, available in Teenburgh


VolunTeens @ GPL

**Teen volunteering will be conducted both virtually and in-person**

  • Be between the ages of 12 and 19.
  • Complete and submit the online GPL Volunteer Application form linked here.
  • Attend a volunteer orientation session 
  • Read the "VolunTeen Guidelines & Activities" below.
  • Complete and submit projects from the VolunTeen Project chart below to earn community service hours. Each VolunTeen project will be worth a set amount of community service hours (as indicated on the VolunTeen Project chart).
  • If you have not volunteered at GPL before or have questions please email

VolunTeen Training & Orientations

  • VolunTeen orientations are required to participate in any volunteering.
  • Virtual volunteer orientations are offered periodically (4 times)  throughout the year. Please check our calendar for the next available one to register for.
  • If you have not volunteered at GPL before or have questions please email

Virtual VolunTeen Projects

  • Earn Community service hours for the projects you complete and submit. Projects must be selected from the Virtual VolunTeen project chart below.
  • Please DO NOT submit any volunteer projects until you have attended a virtual volunteer orientation and stayed from beginning until the end.
  • Each Virtual VolunTeen project will be worth a set amount of community service hours. 
  • Details on how to submit your projects are listed below under "Submit Your Projects"

How To Earn Community Service Hours -- Submit Your Project(s)

  • Attend a volunteer orientation first!
  • Submit your project(s) through the VolunTeen Project Submission Form
  • Each submission will be reviewed by VolunTeen Supervisor and your earned hours will be recorded in the Library's VolunTeen Time Clock database. You will receive an email letting you know when your community service hours have been credited to your record.
  • Projects will not be given credit for hours unless you have attended an orientation.

VolunTeen Project Requirements:

  • Have fun, be creative, and use your imagination!
  • Be clear and concise, quality video, PG language use
  • Some Virtual VolunTeen projects may be posted in the library webpage, eNewsletter, and/or library Social Media accounts with your permission.
  • Questions? Ask!
  • If you need proof of your community hours (forms, letters, emails, etc.) contact VolunTeen Supervisor at
  • Refer to "VolunTeen Guidelines & Activities " below for a comprehensive look at Greenburgh Public Library VolunTeen expectations and rules.
  • Please Note: Hours earned are subject to change at the discretion of VolunTeen Supervisor. Projects that go above and beyond may earn more hours and projects that do not meet minimum requirements may have time deducted from hours earned
Virtual VolunTeen Project Project Description

Hours Earned

Reviews Write a review or make a video of any Library resource, book, eBook, audiobooks, movies, video game, manga and/or series, etc.
Rate on 1-5 stars (5 being the best)
Minimum length of review = 5 sentences of 1 minute video
Watch & review movie OR Read/listen & review book -- 1 hour

Teen Task Force

Greenburgh Teen Task Force encourages and empowers teen civic engagement. All interested  Teens are welcome to attend! Projects include raising awareness of food insequrity, food drives, Greenburgh Community Garden, Voter Registration Drives, and more.

Visit the Teen Task Force's website for meeting dates, current projects, and how to get involved!


Create A Trailer

Pick a library book, eBook, audiobooks, movies, video games, manga and/or series, etc.
Create a trailer that would make someone want to check it out -- just like a real movie trailer!
 No longer than 2 minutes in length.

3 Hours
Read-Alikes List or Video

Pick a library book, eBook, audiobooks, movies, video games, manga and/or series, etc.
Create a list or make a video recommending similar titles... if you like this -- then you may like that.
​Minimum length = 10  item list or 1 minute video. Include title &  author!

1 Hour
Teen Tutorials Pick an online library resource, app, website, database, etc.
Create a "how to" or "tips and tricks" guide. It can be written out or a video!
2 Hours
Virtual Peer-To-Peer Tutors

One-on-one tutoring for teens by teens on all subjects, homework, and test prep.

Contact to learn how to become a Teen Tutor.

Book Buddies Book Buddies matches Teen Volunteers with children and tweens up to grade 6 to help them practice reading and provide them with literacy support. All sessions will take place on Zoom. Teen Volunteers interested in getting involved with the program should get in touch with Ariel Novominski (  Hourly
Homework Help

A one-on-one homework help experience is available for grades 1-5 to air out any questions that they may have in all subjects. A volunteen will be able to assist in 15 minute time slots.

Volunteens who are interested in helping should email Andrea Arteaga (

Craft Kits Submit kit project idea FIRST. Make up a collection of 15 ready-made craft bags with instructions based on your own creative idea! Approved projects ONLY. (some library craft materials may be available to use) Hourly

Help With A Library Virtual Program

Be a digital usher and support librarians with a children's, teen, or adult virtual program held on Zoom.  Volunteer emails go out only when help is requested. First come, first serve.  Excellent communication skills is pertinent.  Ex. Help manage patrons, tech problems,  and monitor the chat room during a program. Hourly
Teen Advisory Board Meeting Attend and participate in a Virtual Teen Advisory Board Meeting -- visit the library's online calendar to register so we can send you the Zoom Virtual Meeting link. Hourly
Attend Library Programs

Test-Optional Admissions & the Digital SAT: What You Need to Know - Tuesday, Sept 12, 7 PM
Never Alone: Video Games and Other Interactive Design Tour - Tuesday, Sept 19, 5 PM
Allies and Activists – How to be a More Effective Antiracist- Tuesday, Sept 26, 7 PM

COVID 19 Memory Project

Library staff members  have put together the Greenburgh Public Library Covid-19 Memory Project. We are putting out a personal call to everyone in the community to share their stories so that future generations will know what happened in 2020.  

Staff members want to hear from residents of all ages of the Greenburgh community how daily life has been impacted and transformed by this global pandemic.

Please share in writing, drawing, photos, or videos describing your experiences about what has happened to you this year.  This is our moment as a community to remember how we all endured this virus and how we persevered. 

*Please note, by submitting your memory you give the library permission to post your memory on the Greenburgh Library Website and social media accounts. * 

To earn community service hours for this project please submit it through the Virtual VolunTeen Project Submission Form.

Greenburgh Public Library Covid-19 Memory Project

2 Hours
Propose Your Own Project

Submit a project or program proposal that you would like to do to
We will be in touch with you to discuss the possibility of you doing this project for Community Service Hours. Please wait until your project has been approved to do.

To Be Determined

Additional VolunTeen Resources


VolunTeen Guidelines & Activities 
**Please note the document below is intended for volunteering within the library but is still applicable for Virtual VolunTeens**

A VolunTeen must be between the ages of 12 and 19 to apply, qualify, and  gain community service hours as a volunteer at GPL. They must also complete the Teen Volunteer Application linked here.

In Case of Emergency
In case of sickness or an emergency a VolunTeen must contact or leave a message with Library staff if they were expected in and can’t make it.
 914-721-8224 or email

Contact With Your Supervisor
All communication about volunteering at GPL will be conducted through email so be sure to check your email frequently for updates, volunteer hour opportunities, and shift assignments! If you change your email let us know.

Being late for volunteer hours is not acceptable. Being a VolunTeen means people are depending on you whether you are assisting running events at the library, organizing, or completing projects. Be here on time or call ahead if you anticipate being late, are unable to attend, or in case of emergency.

Please dress appropriately for a public library. Shorts are okay but please do not wear swimsuits, bare bellies, bare feet, hats, or anything that would be inappropriate for school.  The library has a fluctuating temperatures so you may want to bring extra layers of clothing in case of extreme temperature differences. 

Volunteer Duties
Volunteering at GPL is 
scheduled in advance only, no drop-in volunteering please. A VolunTeen may have a range of responsibilities and tasks that he or she will be assigned that may include: helping with events (advance preparation, set up, breaking down etc.), edging books, shelf reading, and more. A VolunTeen is not responsible for helping patrons find books, answering reference questions, or doing clerical or page duties done by paid staff.

Keeping Track of Volunteer Time
A Volunteen is responsible for keeping track of all service hours and dates completed on the designated “VolunTeen Time Clock” Computer. When a volunteer completes their required hours it is the responsibility of the volunteer to inform the Volunteer Supervisor whether they are finished volunteering or want to continue.

Volunteer Badges
VolunTeens must wear GPL Volunteer Badges at all times when volunteering at or for the library.

Mobile Devices
Please  no use of cell phones (even texting), MP3 players, tablets, or other personal or electronic devices, headphones, or ear buds,  during volunteering unless you ask and are given permission in advance.

Ask For Help
Library staff is here to help you! If you have questions ASK! (We don’t bite)

Proof of service forms and letters must be requested by the volunteer, to their supervisor, well in advance of the due date. Forms can be completed, letters written, and certificates issued as proof of service if a VolunTeen needs one for school/honor society/religious group, etc.

Please note that internships at the Greenburgh Public Library are not part of the Teen Volunteer Program. For information about becoming a Teen Intern, including position availability, please email

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