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Exhibits: Photo Contest Winners

Photo Contest 2020 - Exhibit

About The Photo Contest

The Greenburgh Library Guild
Photo Contest

Special thanks go to the Howard and Ruth Jacobs Family for their vision and commitment to celebrating amateur photography and
photographers in Westchester County and for making the contest possible.

The Greenburgh Library Guild is proud to host the 13th annual Westchester County Amateur Photo Contest. Photographs accepted into the competition will be exhibited in the Howard and Ruth Jacobs Family Gallery at the Greenburgh Public Library from May 2, 2022 through June 14, 2022.  Prizes will be awarded and announced at the awards ceremony on Saturday, May 14, 2022.

Photographs must be submitted digitally between March 13 –  March 31, 2022, and should be sent as jpeg attachments to:  Submissions must be made in  accordance with the contest rules
as certain restrictions do apply.

Rules of the Contest



Current Winners

Howard Jacobs Photography Exhibit and Contest
May 1 - June 15, 2021

Sponsored by the Greenburgh Library Guild

Selection Committee:
Seth Harrison
Jim McClean
Alan Zale

Contest Judges:
Deborah Lea Cohen
Philip Holt
Jerry Spette

Photo Contest 2021

Adult Category Prize Winners

1st Place - Elijah Goodwin - Alienation
2nd Place - Peycho Peev - Untitled
3rd Place - Richard Getler - Refugee Brothers

Honorable Mention
Alison Bert - Sign of the Times

Student Category Prize Winners

1st Place - Ashly Lopez-Martinez - Trapped Inside
2nd Place - Emily Saurack - Fractured Façade and Fortitude
3rd Place - Daisy Bolger - Stranded Behind a Screen

Honorable Mention
Danielle Barro - Morning Commute
Isabella Gasperi - 6 Feet Apart


Adult Category
Lauren Berman - Hope, November 3, 2020
Alison Bert - Sign of the Times
Erna Brout - one of SO MANY
Alan Cohen - Escape Artist
Karen Comstock - Finding Joy Six Feet Apart
Sol Fischler - Mother's Day 2020
Jeffrey Friedkin - Follow the Sun - Escape from Quarantine
Richard Getler - Refugee Brothers
Rebecca Glen - Seeing Death in a Different Light
Elijah Goodwin - Alienation
Laura Heinen - Untitled
Lori Hudson - Selfie With My Covid Companions
Nalini Juthani - A Child Talking to the Higher Power on Christmas Eve - Will I Ever Get Out of This Hole
Barbara Kapetanakes - Lone Runner on Riverside Drive
Martin McGloin - Rush Hour Times Square May 2020
Peter Nagy - Untitled
Peytcho Peev - Untitled
Noah Aryeh Weinbaum - Too Much Time on Our Hands
Carl Zucker - My Covid-19 Self-Portrait

Student Category
Ethan Aramboles - Travels of the Pandemic
Crismell Avendano - A Look Into the Past
Danielle Barro - Morning Commute
Daisy Bolger - Stranded Behind a Screen
Eoin Carr - The Plague
Ella Castrillon - Life on Pause
Isabella Gasperi - 6 Feet Apart
Olivia Halligan - Magic in Madness
Ashly Lopez-Martinez - Trapped Inside
Kate Lowenthal - Eyewitness
Lucy Roach - Living in an Untouchable World
Boden Rundbaken - 2020
Abigail Sabillon - The New Normal
Emily Saurack - Fractured Façade and Fortitude
Michelle See - Nice to E-Meet You
Stefan Spaho - Screenshot


Previous Winners

Photo Contest 2020

Photo Contest 2019

Photo Contest 2018

Photo Contest 2017

Photo Contest 2016

Adult Category
1st Place - Susan Blatt - Old Woman Warming Hands
2nd Place - Paul Gherson - Dust Storm on the Beach
3rd Place - Robert Blumenthal - Building our Home

Honorable Mention
Damion Patrignelli - Desolation
Ron Whitehead - Art of Healing

Student Category
1st Place - Kevin Williamson - Faith
2nd Place - John Cabrera - Drawing with Light
3rd Place - Michelle Zaruma - Good vs Evil

Honorable Mention
David Barry - Forward Tracks
Hailey Ivey - Untitled

Photo Contest 2015

Adult Category
1st Place – Jeffrey Friedkin – Family Passage
2nd Place – Richard Getler – Interiors
3rd Place – Dennis Thornton – Frozen Falls

Honorable Mention
Deborah Lea Cohen - Plimouth Colony Cook
Robert Piro - Runner
Lou Salvagno – Circle of Life

Student Category
1st Place – Kody Berger – Torn Self-Portrait
2nd Place – David Arias – The Streets of Italy
3rd Place – Kevin Williamson - Tranquility

Honorable Mention
Reilee Gunsher – Awaiting Dinner
Killian Nelson - Untitled

Photo Contest 2014

Adult Category
First Place - Jane Cohen - Walk
Second Place - Linda Austrian - Front Row Seats
Third Place - Lewis Bogaty - The Early Worm Gets the Neatly Folded Worm

Honorable Mentions - Adult Category
Joyce Blumenthal - Untitled
Harry Jacob Quiroga - Fall Day in PA

Student Category
First Place - Kayla Lees - Self-Portrait
Second Place - Denise Delgado - Dance
Third Place - Julianna Simon-Fox - Undisguised

Student Honorable Mention - Elena Kuhn - Femme Fatale

Photo Contest 2013

Adult Category
First Place - Jaime Martorano for Simpler Times
Second Place - Robert Blumenthal for Territorial Dispute
Third Place - Robert Piro for Rush Hour

Honorable Mentions - Adult Category
Linda Austrian - Web Master
Sylvia Louie - Connection
Karen Macias - Winter

Student Category
First Place - Kara Milstein - Untitled
Second Place - Austin Raichelson - Untitled
Third Place - Kayla Lees - Untitled

Student Honorable Mention - Matthew Forman for Winter in the Fall