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Exhibit Photos

Dianne Ricard

Local Greenburgh Artist, Dianne and her Jewelry February - March 2017

Diddy Gomerman

Local Artist, Diddy and her Jewelry December - January 2017-2018

Joyce Schenker

Local Greenburgh Collector, Joyce and her 1930s Popsicle Art Work April - May 2017

Yvette Jones

Local Greenburgh Artist, Yvette and her Jewelry of Chick Designs May - June 2018

Richard Cox

Local Greenburgh Collector, Richard, President of Unity Numismatic - African Money and African American Memorabilia February 2018; February 2016

Gina Bratter

Local Artist, Gina with her Bowls and Recycled Paper Art exhibit  March-April 2018

Master Zhao Xi-Hua

Local Visiting Artist, Master Zhao with his Chinese Brush Painting small works  October - November 2017

Scott Nammacher

Local Artist, Scott with his Astral Photography  August - September 2016

Barry Mason

Local Artist, Barry describing his Paintings and Sculptural Painting Work  January - March 2015

Karen Ann Sullivan

For The Love Of Birds - Wildlife Photography August - September 2018

Karin Reetz

Local Artist, Karin and her Book Art  October - November 2016

Mary Parker

Local Artist, Mary explaining her Hook Rug Art process  December 2014 - January 2015

Elinor Stecher-Orel

Book Art  July - August 2018

Ariadne Pilarinos

Local Artist, Ariadne with her Acrylic Paintings  - Twelve Tangents August - September 2017

Philip Holt and Alan Landzberg

Local Artists Philip and Alan celebrate their combined exhibit of Digital Steel Sculputure and Family Portraits  December 2016 - January 2017

Barbara Glab

Quilts March - April 2018

David Brown

Formerly from Greenburgh Artist, David with his Photographs  January - March 2017

Anne Myers-Stewart

"Upcycled Bottle" Up Close  May - June 2019

Marina Payne and Cristina Ramos-Payne

ARC Of The Moral Universe: A Notebook Project   January - February 2020

Marina Payne

Marina is a contributing Artist for the ARC of the Moral Universe: A Notebook Project  January - February 2020

Cristina Ramos-Payne

Cristina is a contributing Artist for the ARC of the Moral Universe: A Notebook Project  January - February 2020

Currently Showing in the Howard and Ruth Jacobs Gallery at The Greenburgh Public Library

Online Exhibit Only - Library Closed

Howard Jacobs Photography Exhibit and Contest : May 1 - June 15, 2020

Selection Committee:
Seth Harrison
Jim McClean
Alan Zale

Contest Judges:
Deborah Lea Cohen
Philip Holt

Photo Contest 2020

Adult Category

1st Place - Carl Zucker - Good Morning
2nd Place - Nicholas Maffei - Sax on Fifth Avenue
3rd Place - Annette Wallach Cohen - Futurerama

Honorable Mention
Marcia Cherry - Tossing the Net
Bunny Solomon - Double Trumpet

Student Category

1st Place - Zoe McClear - Inner Beauty
2nd Place - Jenifher Chimbo - Back to the Future
3rd Place - Jeremie Bertlin - Untitled

Honorable Mention
Jordan Bryant - Blizzard
Jacqueline Fry - Vitality
Bailey Lapolla - Two Faced


Adult Category
Sidney Auerbach - Brooklyn Bridge - The One and Only
Linda Austrian - Shelter in Place
Ada Bar - Another Sunset
Martin Berg - Beautiful Scotland
Alison Bert - Isle of Sea Sun and Souls
Susan J. Blatt. - Men in Black
Arnold Breisblatt - Garlic Cloves in Honor of Paul Cezanne
Gail Cavanaugh - Untitled
Marcia Cherry - Tossing the Net
Alan P. Cohen - Inner Sanctum
Bernice Cohen - A Moroccan Farmer
Jay Cohen - Grace and Power
Karen F. Comstock - Weather the Storm
Margaret DiLascio - Diverse Elements of Nature
Anthony DiMartino - Reflection
Jennifer P. Dooley - The Wonder of It All
Jordan Dyniewski - The Beam
Jeffrey Friedkin - Downtown
Waitari Harvey - Bored at Tiffany's
Nalini V. Juthani - Eye of the Seagull for a perfect catch
Jim Lasser - Graduation 2020
Nick Lividini - Cielo Firenze
Stephen Loewengart - Let's Check Today's Menu
Roger London - Wooden Bridge
Nicholas Maffei - Sax on Fifth Avenue
Mark McKinney - Big Pine Sunset
Theresa Mills - The King
Robert Ondrovic - Woke Up a Little Crabby
Albert Orejuela - The Birds in the Flower
Joe Orua - Wake Up!
Jyotishman Pathak - Untitled
Bob Piro - Inle Lake Fisherman
Kevin Scherer - Sunrise on the Beach
Bunny Solomon - Double Trumpet
Cathy Taylor - Summer Radiance
Dennis Thornton - Architectural Spinosaurus
Juliana Van Benthuysen - Sun Dappled Lily
Lisa VanGundy - Bobo in the Morning
Nancy Vincent - Calm
Annette Wallach Cohen - Futurerama
Maxine Young - Bourbon Street
Carl Zucker - Good Morning

Student Category
Jeremie Bertlin - Untitled
Jordan Bryant - Blizzard
Neisabeth Cana - Untitled
Lisdy Cheguen - City Lights
Jenifher Chimbo - Back to the Future
Charlie Cooper - Success
Nia Doty - Sun-kissed Leaves
Catherine Faranda - One Way
Jacqueline Fry - Vitality
Davie Goldie - Nature on the Mind
Jenifer Guaman - Unstainable
Bailey Lapolla - Two Faced
Valeria Leon - Inner Beauty
Nathaly Maracho Chimbo -  A New Day
Cole Mario - Glow
Zoe McClear - Inner Beauty
Samantha Milewicz - The Man in the Black Hat, Viñales Valley, Cuba
Berenice Pani - Flowers Blossom
Mason Pugh - Stained Glass Texture
Destiny Quezada - Destiny

Currently Showing in the Glass Display Cases on the 2nd Floor at the Greenburgh Public Library

Library Closed - There is no current exhibit in the Library's 2nd floor display case.