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Exhibits: Current Exhibits

Seema Kapur Varma

Exhibit Photos

Dianne Ricard

Local Greenburgh Artist, Dianne and her Jewelry February - March 2017

Diddy Gomerman

Local Artist, Diddy and her Jewelry December - January 2017-2018

Joyce Schenker

Local Greenburgh Collector, Joyce and her 1930s Popsicle Art Work April - May 2017

Yvette Jones

Local Greenburgh Artist, Yvette and her Jewelry of Chick Designs May - June 2018

Richard Cox

Local Greenburgh Collector, Richard, President of Unity Numismatic - African Money and African American Memorabilia February 2018; February 2016

Gina Bratter

Local Artist, Gina with her Bowls and Recycled Paper Art exhibit  March-April 2018

Master Zhao Xi-Hua

Local Visiting Artist, Master Zhao with his Chinese Brush Painting small works  October - November 2017

Scott Nammacher

Local Artist, Scott with his Astral Photography  August - September 2016

Barry Mason

Local Artist, Barry describing his Paintings and Sculptural Painting Work  January - March 2015

Karen Ann Sullivan

For The Love Of Birds - Wildlife Photography August - September 2018

Karin Reetz

Local Artist, Karin and her Book Art  October - November 2016

Mary Parker

Local Artist, Mary explaining her Hook Rug Art process  December 2014 - January 2015

Elinor Stecher-Orel

Book Art  July - August 2018

Ariadne Pilarinos

Local Artist, Ariadne with her Acrylic Paintings  - Twelve Tangents August - September 2017

Philip Holt and Alan Landzberg

Local Artists Philip and Alan celebrate their combined exhibit of Digital Steel Sculputure and Family Portraits  December 2016 - January 2017

Barbara Glab

Quilts March - April 2018

David Brown

Formerly from Greenburgh Artist, David with his Photographs  January - March 2017

Anne Myers-Stewart

"Upcycled Bottle" Up Close  May - June 2019

Marina Payne and Cristina Ramos-Payne

ARC Of The Moral Universe: A Notebook Project   January - February 2020

Marina Payne

Marina is a contributing Artist for the ARC of the Moral Universe: A Notebook Project  January - February 2020

Cristina Ramos-Payne

Cristina is a contributing Artist for the ARC of the Moral Universe: A Notebook Project  January - February 2020

Virtual Exhibit - Only Showing Online

Seema Kapur Varma
The Color Gallery
June 15 - July 31, 2021

Ms. Varma works in acrylic on canvas.  Her art is bold and colorful, traditional and innovative.  It is tactile and immediate, drawing the viewer in to a world of color and texture.

Ms. Varma states, "It gives me immense pleasure to share my artwork with the community.  My colorful, intuitive, acrylic on canvas paintings will be on exhibit virtually at the Greenburgh Public Library from June 15th to July 31st. I challenge myself to a different style of painting each time. Therefore, the only unifying theme is color and hence the name of the show.

My artwork has been exhibited locally in the NY area and is also available through my eBay store. I love to conduct Healing Art Workshops and Motivational Talks which have been well-received.

I am thankful to the Greenburgh Public Library for giving me this exposure and opportunity. Greatly appreciate the support and encouragement."

If you are interested in purchasing any of the art shown below please contact Ms. Varma directly at

Adorable Goldfinches
Attractive Birdhouse
Beautiful Calla Lilies
Blue Heron
Bright Sunflower
Busy Bee
Colorful Feathers
Countryside Cottages
Festive Birds
Flamenco Dancer
Fruit Basket
Garden Fountain
Gift of Love
Healing Mandala
Koala Bear
Koi Together
Little Girl
Lovely Fawn
Magical Frog
Magical Butterflies
Man's Best Friend
Mother's Lap
On The Other Side
Pink Roses
Playful Dolphin
Precious Orchids
Rahda Rani
Regal Matriarch
Royal Princess
Sea Horse
Splendid Sweetbay Magnolia
Striking Scarlet Macaw
White Crane
White Orchids
Wise Owl
Zen Garden


Currently Showing in the Glass Display Cases on the 2nd Floor at the Greenburgh Public Library

There is no current exhibit in the Library's 2nd floor display case.