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Peace Garden: Home

Image of Peace Garden
Peace Garden Bench

In partnership with the Town of Greenburgh, New York, and the Greenburgh Public Library, the Foundation designed and constructed a pocket-size garden that publicly honors the contributions of the over 2 million women who have sacrificed to keep our nation safe.  It is a place that all community members can enjoy - finding peace while reading, meditating, or just sitting among the beautiful plants!

The Foundation hopes this Peace Garden will be used to encourage other communities throughout the United States to use some of their public space to honor their women veterans.

Women who served in the US Military have unique needs for healthcare, housing, employment and childcare in addition to needs shared with their male colleagues.


The Barbara Giordano Foundation, Inc. is committed to being recognized as a premiere holistic wellness resource that addresses the unique emotional, physical and personal needs of women veterans throughout the United States.


The Barbara Giordano Foundation, Inc. is committed to providing women veterans with holistic wellness tools that address the unique challenges they face after transitioning from military service.

Get involved and help those who have sacrificed so much for us and our country.

Available at the Greenburgh Library

Women Veterans from Greenburgh

Source:  Veterans Living History, Town of Greenburgh

This Peace Garden was made possible with the assistance of:

  • Paul Feiner, Supervisor, Town of Greenburgh
  • Jim Diermeier, Horticulturist
  • John Sexton, Library Director (Retired)
  • Christina Linder, Library Director
  • Alison Bergman - Leader, Juliette Troop 1776
  • Jennifer Park - Leader, Ardsley Troop 1560 & 1671
  • Miriam Sassalos - Leader, Ardsley Troop 2579
  • Donna Marie Caro & Lisa Marie Hatcher - Leader, Edgemont Troop 1436
  • Melanie Johnson - Leader, Elmsford Troop 1922
  • The Board and Advisors of the Barbara Giordano Foundation