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Stone Barns Passes are Back!

Stone Barns at Potantico Hills will launch their weekend pass program on April 6.  The Greenburgh Library has two weekend passes available for library patrons and provides access to all public programming, one Saturday pass and one Sunday pass.  Each pass allows one carful of visitors and can be reserved using the library museum pass reservation system on our webpage:

You can visit the Stone Barns Website for details about what a visitor might experience on a weekend.  Please know that starting this year, the programs at Stone Barns will be geared toward adult visitors.  Families with younger children are still welcome to explore the farm as always, but guided and hands-on programming will not be offered on weekends as in years past.


The New Library Catalog Called Evergreen is Here! Click on the video above for a brief introduction on how to put an item on hold using the new system. To enlarge the video for easier viewing make sure to click the full screen option in the lower right hand corner. More tutorials are being created to highlight features and accessibility. Right now many patrons are noticing the new catalog is very different from the old catalog. Changes are being made daily to enhance this new system with easier to use features and as those changes happen the Library will update patrons. For more information on Evergreen and "how to" videos visit the Technology page.