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Evergreen FAQ

Evergreen Library Catalog Frequently Asked Questions - Updated May 2, 2019

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For immediate assistance with your library account and catalog issues please call the the Greenburgh Public Library Information Desk at 914-721-8225.

  • Should I use dashes or spaces when entering my phone number?

No, enter your 10 digital phone number only. To re-enter your phone number, log into your account. On your account summary screen click on Preferences/Notification; change your default phone number and/or mobile number to be 10 digits only, click save.

  • Can I receive email notification that my items are coming due?

Yes, as of April 30, 2019, you will receive an email with the subject line, Library Items Coming Due. You can update or add an email address to your account via the catalog. Log into your account, click on the Preferences/Notification, scroll down until you see the Email field and make any changes necessary.

  • How can I receive telephone notification that my holds are ready for pickup?

Log into your account via the catalog, click on Preferences/Notification and check off phone. Phone should be the only option checked off. Remember to click on SAVE.  You can not receive a phone notice and an email or TXT notice at this time.

Telephone notices are very brief, they do not give you the title of the item that is ready for pickup. Email and/or TXT is a better option because you get all the details about the item in question.

  • How do I access my account and what to I do if my PIN is not working?

Watch this video for a step by step tutorial on accessing your account and resetting your own PIN. Alternatively you can call your local library and ask for your PIN to be reset.

  • Is the mobile app working?

Yes, the mobile app is working if you are using the Westchester Library System app. The older Westchester Library System Catalog app and Bookmine app do not work with Evergreen

  • What is the due date of items I can renew?

The due date for a renewed item depends on the day it is being renewed. For example, if you borrowed a 1 week loan book, that is due on April 10th and renewed the book on April 7th, the new due date is April 14th, not April 17.

  • Will electronic books, music, movies and audiobooks be listed in the library catalog?

Yes there are plans to integrate many of the electronic holdings into the Evergreen library catalog. Until that project is complete you should check the individual apps for holdings information.

Different apps provide different kinds of content, use this brief guide to finding the content you need.

eBooks - search Libby, by Overdrive, Hoopla Digital, & Cloud Library*

Downloadable Audiobooks - search Libby, by Overdrive, Hoopla Digital, RB Digital & Cloud Library*

Downloadable Music - search Freegal Music, Hoopla Digital & Qello Concert*

Streaming & Downloadable  Films, TV Series & Documentaries - Hoopla Digital, Kanopy, Acorn TV-the Best of British TV*

*The content from these apps is available to Greenburgh Library cardholders only.

  • Why did the library install a new catalog?

The contract for the old catalog expired. The 38 public library directors in Westchester County, in consultation with the Westchester Library System, choose to launch a new catalog interface, called Evergreen.

  • What exactly is Evergreen?

Evergreen is the name of an integrated library systems software program or just "ILS" for short.  Just like Microsoft Office, which is the name of the bestselling integrated productive software program. 

  • What is an ILS?

An integrated library system is a software program that helps librarians and patrons to circulate and catalog items, manage patron accounts, track item movement, as well as interact with databases from other libraries and institutions. An ILS consists of several modules, such as circulation, the module used by staff to checkout and checkin the items borrowed. The module you are familiar with is called an online public access catalog, or "OPAC".

  • Do I need a PIN and a password?

No you don't. Evergreen uses the words PIN and password interchangeably.

  • What is the difference between my library card number, username and barcode?

Your library bar code is the 14 digit number printed on your library card. Your library card number and barcode are essentially the same thing. Evergreen uses the term barcode to refer to multiple things, such as your library card number and the unique number placed on every item the library buys. As a patron when you are asked for a barcode or your barcode, type in your library card number.

A username is a little different. Evergreen allows you to establish a username that can be used in place of your library card number to access you library account. If you would like to have a username log into your account, go to the preferences tab, under personal information your default username is listed as your library card number.  Click on (Change) and follow the prompts.