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Book Ends : Philosophy Book Discussion Group

A bi-monthly book group dedicated to the great philosophers of our time and their works.  Moderator, Robert Brantl Esq; leads the group covering philosophical ideas found in essays, the classics to recently published works.  Each topic is studied over a lengthy period lasting several months.  Members are required to obtain copies of discussion material. 

Date:  October - December 2019

Title:  A Pluralistic Universe  by, William James

pdf copy link
A limited number of copies are being held for the Book Ends group, please ask at the Circulation Desk.

Originally delivered in Oxford as a set of lectures “On the Present Situation in Philosophy,” James begins his book, as he had begun Pragmatism, with a discussion of the temperamental determination of philosophical theories, which, James states, “are just so many visions, modes of feeling the whole push … forced on one by one’s total character and experience, and on the whole preferred—there is no other truthful word—as one’s best working attitude”