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Book Ends : Philosophy Book Discussion Group

A bi-monthly book group dedicated to the great philosophers of our time and their works.  Moderator, Robert Brantl Esq; leads the group covering philosophical ideas found in essays, the classics to recently published works.  Each topic is studied over a lengthy period lasting several months.  Members are required to obtain copies of discussion material. 

October - December  2018 and into February 2019

TITLE: Metaphysics​   by, Aristotle.  A copy which has numbers in the margins will help focus on points in the text.  The principal works of Aristotle and the first major work of the branch of philosophy with the same name. The principal subject is "being qua being," or being insofar as it is being. It examines what can be asserted about any being insofar as it is and not because of any special qualities it has. Also covered are different kinds of causationform and matter, the existence of mathematical objects, and a prime-mover God.