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Health & Wellness: Diabetes


American Diabetes Association
Information on diabetes from the predominant nationwide association, including basic information about diabetes, living with diabetes, food and fitness, news, and research. Información en español.
National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse
Comprehensive information on diabetes from the National Institutes of Health. Información en español.
MedlinePlus: Diabetes, Adult-onset, Type 2
A large amount of high quality information for the public on Type 2 diabetes from the National Library of Medicine, including information in a range of formats and languages. Información en español.
MedlinePlus: Diabetes Type 1
Comprehensive information on Type 1, insulin-dependent or juvenile, diabetes from the National Library of Medicine. Información en español.

Tools - Diabetes

CDC Diabetes Risk Test


A test from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help you determine your risk for type 2 diabetes, and next steps.