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COVID-19 Fact Check

COVID-19 Fact Check

The COVID-19 Fact Check website was created by UCSF medical students to combat misinformation about the COVID-19 outbreak. This website offers easily understandable information in multiple languages to help people distinguish common myths from facts and to provide simple tips for minimizing the risk of transmission in their daily lives. It is available in English, Spanish, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean, Punjabi, and Vietnamese at present.

How to Understand COVID-19 Numbers

Viewed in isolation or presented without context, coronavirus numbers don’t always give an accurate picture of how the pandemic is being handled. Here, ProPublica journalists Caroline Chen and Ash Ngu offer insight on how to navigate the figures.

Both Matthew Fox, professor of epidemiology and global health at Boston University, and Youyang Gu, a data scientist best known for his COVID-19 prediction models, advised looking at three measurements together: number of cases, case positivity rates and number of deaths.

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