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The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The next best time is now.

Logo Tree Cities of the WorldGreenburgh, a 2020 Tree City of the World

Greenburgh is one of 38 municipalities in the United States, and one of two municipalities in the State of New York designated as a Tree City of the World. This designation recognizes Greenburgh's commitment and leadership in management of urban trees.

The Tree Cities of the World program is an international effort to recognize cities and towns committed to ensuring that their urban forests and trees are properly maintained, sustainably managed, and duly celebrated.

Tree Cities of the World is a sponsored by the Arbor Day Foundation and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Trees of Greenburgh

The Tree Cities of the World tree dedication is Friday, October 1, 2021 at 10 am. A black tupelo tree will be planted at the corner of Knollwood and Tarrytown Roads. The library family is honored to be selected as the planting site.

The town proudly educates its residents and business owners about the importance of trees in its community, celebrates Arbor Day, and has been a Tree City USA community for over 10 years. Greenburgh’s forestry staff in the Department of Public Works and the Department of Parks and Recreation have shown continued commitment to developing a thriving public tree resource. The town has four ISA Certified Arborists: Aaron Schmidt of the Department of Community Development and Conservation; John Haas (Municipal Specialist) of the Department of Parks and Recreation; Saverio DeGiorgio of the Department of Parks and Recreation;and John Potts of the Department of Public Works. The town’s urban forestry program is well on its way to creating a sustainable and resilient public tree resource.

Mark your calendar, Arbor Day is April 29, 2022. The town has celebrated Arbor Day for the past 11 years on the last Friday of April. Join the town's annual celebration and think about planting your own tree.

 - Town of Greenburgh Tree Inventory Report, 2020

Trees: Plant, Prune, Promote

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Black Tupelo Trees

As part of the Tree Cities of the World program a black tupelo tree will be planted on the corner of Tarrytown and Knollwood Roads.

The black gum tree, also known as a black tupelo, Pepperidge, sourgum or simply tupelo, is native to North America. They can be found between Maine and New York, southern Ontario to Michigan, Illinois and Missouri, from southern Florida to eastern Texas and Oklahoma.

Summer leaves are a dark green with a high-gloss appearance, but the most spectacular part of this tree is the fall foliage with many shades of yellow, orange, bright red, purple or scarlet that may appear on the same branch.

This ornamental tree will attract birds, small mammals and honeybees. Small greenish white flowers are borne in clusters on long stalks and are an important nectar source for bees.

Images of Black Tupelo

Benefits of Trees

Trees Combat Climate Change
Trees Clean the Air
Trees Provide Oxygen
Trees Save Water
Trees Prevent Water Pollution
Tree shield children from ultra-violet rays
Trees Provide Food
Trees Heal
Tree Reduce Violence
Trees Mark the Seasons
Trees Create Economic Opportunity
Trees are teachers and playmates
Trees Bring Diverse Groups of People Together
Trees Promote Unity
Trees Provide a canopy and habitat for wildlife
Trees Beautify Space
Trees Provide Wood
Trees Increase Property Value
Trees Increase Business Traffic