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In Honor of Nancy Larrabee: Home

In Honor of Nancy Larrabee

It is with profound sadness that we let the community know that a well loved and respected member of our staff, librarian Nancy Larrabee has passed away. The sudden loss of one of our dearest colleagues who has been at Greenburgh Public Library for more than twenty-four years is unfathomable.  We will miss her constant kindness and her enormous heart and caring for others.  She will forever be an inspiration to us as we serve the patrons and community.

Pictures & Memories

Staff Memories

I've worked with Nancy for a dozen years. It is very hard to accept that she will no longer be lighting up the place. Some say she has been the face of the Greenburgh Public Library. Someone said she was one of a kind. To me. she was sometimes mischievous and playful, sometimes deeply serious, and always concerned to do the best work possible for the patrons. She cared so very much. Of course, the Greenburgh Public Library will continue but it will never be the same without Nancy. It will never shine as bright. May she rest in peace. - Frank De Ligio

Nancy's heart filled our library. She kept our spirits up with her smiling presence and her pranks and jokes. She was always taking out books on different topics for her various programs and her excitement about things she learned was infectious. I remember how she explained about to me and sent me information about a library where I could get a card and use the genealogy site for free. She was a pleasure to work with and I miss her so much. Like a good librarian, she quietly left her mark in my life. - Cristina Ramos-Payne

This past week has been the most difficult week we have experienced in a long, long time here at GPL.  Personally, this has been one of the most difficult times at the library.  Nancy's passing has affected everyone in ways that were unimaginable even a few days ago.  Her cheerful nature lit us up every time she walked into the library.  She made working at the library fun. She indeed was the heart and soul of the Greenburgh Public Library.
I was once told that we are all replaceable. That person never met Nancy, she was one of a kind. It is true, now that she is gone, we will be a different library, but her presence will be felt in every book we check out, every person who steps into the library we shall help, and every program we do. - Vincent Bonacci

I didn't know Nancy as well as many (other staff members) did,  but can see that she was a golden thread in the tapestry of the lives of all she encountered. I feel honored to be among this GPL family and look forward to hearing more about the special ways Nancy touched GPL and the community. -Janet Heneghan

Patron Correspondence

I first met Nancy when she led the book discussion groups so many years ago. As all the librarians at the Greenburgh Library, she was so very helpful with my requests and needs. I will miss her cheerful smile and attitude! Sincerely, Heda Silverstein

I retired from GPL in the year 2000, so I didn’t work with Nancy for very long. My memories of her are all great and she was a joy to be with. I lived near the library and went there pretty often. I was always greeted with an enthusiastic welcome from Nancy. Now that I live at the Knolls and Nancy was the senior connection to the library I was so excited to connect with her again. I’d so sorry it will not happen. I’m really sad about the terrible loss we’ve all had with Nancy’s passing. She was a wonderful person and a great librarian and she will be greatly missed by all.
Dorothy Miller

No matter how busy she was, Nancy always had time to stop and chat with a patron, provide help or advice if necessary, always accompanied by a smile which brightened the dreariest day.
Estelle Palevsky

I am so heartbroken to hear that Nancy Larrabee has passed away.   She was so kind and thoughtful and always went out her way to assist you in the Library.  If she didn't have the answer at the time she would make sure to get back to you with the information.  She had great customer service skills.  Nancy was always on hand in the Reference Department '' on the phone or in person saying" Hello, How Can I Help You".   She also took the time to get to know the visitors at the Greenburgh Public Library.  I enjoyed taking a few of the virtual Adult Library Programs with her.  Nancy was very knowledgeable and gave useful information. Nancy was a true asset to the Greenburgh Public Library and will be truly missed.
Yvette Jones

It was deeply shocking when the page in my computer opened with its announcement of Nancy's life cut so very short. Nancy clearly will be remembered by numerous and varied groups of individuals. She had a wonderful way with people that was unique, and clearly gifted. When I became a part of the many Zoom users during the pandemic and Nancy was coordinating or directly presenting the travel and other programs I found her presence growing as we started to get to know each other better. Clearly she opened to all that way. Devoted worker could have been her nickname ,stretching on all aspects to make sure everyone would be included. Research as well as knowledge of each topic was deep and it frustrated Nancy not being able to "give over to us" all that she knew. There is no question that Nancy's, open smile and cheerful state will be remembered by all. Nancy filled a room, with the love she had inside herself. My condolences to all the family and friends of Nancy and The Larrabees.
Susan Stone -newly arrived in Tarrytown

Patron Correspondence

David and I read of Nancy's death with shock and much sadness.  We are so aware of all the thoughtfulness, generosity, caring and intelligence that she brought to GPL, its staff and programs, and to us along with GPL's other enthusiastic supporters. Her dedication, innovation and devotion will be deeply missed. Do please let us know if a Memorial (perhaps a fund? a service? a program? other?) in her honor is created.  We would like to join in honoring her by showing our support. Our hearts go out to you, your staff, and all who were lucky enough to have known and worked with her.
Roni Beth Tower and David Griff

Nancy Larrabee was such a kind and knowledgeable person - so willing to share with us all. I loved to learn with her many virtual seminars. and I am so sad to read of her passing. I will treasure all the virtual recordings she sent to me - prayers to her family and colleagues.
Dukie Baxter

Greenburgh Public Library is my home library.  In my 28 years living in Westchester County, I spent a respectable amount of time in the building.  When I met Nancy many years ago, I immediately took a liking to her.  Her intelligence, knowledge of so many topics, her creativity, all astounded me.  Her librarianship skills were superb. Nancy gave so much of herself to hundreds (!) of visitors to GPL every day.  Every time someone had any contact with her, he/she came away a better person for it.

During the past 14 months under the pandemic, Nancy's classes on travel, history, technology made many of my days more cheerful. Any day with a webinar taught by Nancy Larrabee had to be a good day. Nancy - you will be missed by many!
Farewell, - Laurie Henkin

I’m so sad to hear of Nancy’s passing.  I had no idea she was fighting cancer. She made my COVID quarantine bearable with her armchair travel sessions which she shared generously.  Her humor always brought a smile and she had a good relationship with the community creating lively discussions after each session.   My condolences to the team and to her family. - Vicki Adler

I am so sad to hear of Nancy’s passing. Throughout this horrible year, I so looked forward to her many interesting lectures. She was a lovely, caring young woman and she will be greatly missed. - Ellen Beckerman

I came to know Nancy Larrabee in my capacity as a volunteer at the Greenburgh Public Library.  I always found her to be kind, knowledgeable and very proud of her role as a librarian at the GPL.   She created many wonderful programs revolving around local history.  
However, in the past year, as the world struggled through the COVID-19 pandemic, Nancy created a series of programs on many different subjects made available through the GPL program / Zoom site.  These programs were well researched, diverse, and quite interesting.  The programs helped we customers of the GPL and citizens of Greenburgh, particularly seniors, focus on upcoming events that we could look forward to, and cope with the social loneliness that has permeated our lives. Nancy will be missed by us in the GPL community.  The world will miss a special human being who made life a little brighter through her professional and human talents.
Jack Billig

I was a volunteer at GPL for 6 yrs. Nancy was so special to me as we used to joke around!   She was so full of happiness. She will be missed. My condolences to the Family.
Leslie F Cohen

Nancy was knowledgeable and friendly and especially enjoyed the “Armchair Traveler “ series Nancy hosted.  Condolences, Marjorie Riccardi

Dear Director and GPL all your colleagues,
Today I heard the bad news about our respect Librarian Nancy Larrabee passed away, I have been a dreadful shock, and I feel sad ,even cry, I just can't tell you how sorry I am.
I am a senior ESOL student, retired physician. I come from China. I can't write a letter to present my feeling correctly with English. Since pandemic , separated people desire for communication ,understanding and optimism atmosphere . GPL organizer and all Librarians did excellent jobs, you give us readers so warm feeling, like my second family! Nancy  was the outstanding representative! 
I am Nancy-fans. I joined her organized programs. Such as : Keep it Short, The Life and  Times of ( famous people), Armchair Traveler Series and Find Ancestor in your family(?), etc.  She gave everyone chance to join  online Short Story Discussion Group, she send the pdf attached material after giving the day presentation on John Rockefeller. Let level lower learner have confidence to take part in the programs. She did so many great programs to readers and learners, dedicated to the end ,and after death ( 鞠躬尽瘁,死而后已).
Please convey my sympathy and my warm personal regards  to Nancy's family and all GPL Librarians.
Sincerely yours
Yanhua Long

I always found Nancy especially patient and helpful. I enjoyed all of her webinar presentations which helped many of us get through a difficult year. This is a great loss. Condolences to her family and friends.
Janet Lippmann

Nancy was the facilitator for our writing group which I attended for over a year. She was a sweet, caring person that I will miss sadly. May her soul rest in peace!

Nancy was a beloved member of our community. We belonged to her book clubs and always enjoyed talking with her whenever we were at the library. Avid travelers, we knew she'd want to know where we'd been, where we were going, and if she could fit in our luggage! We will miss her smiling face and generally outgoing personality. Our sincerest condolences to her colleagues and other members of the Greenburgh Library family who loved her.
Ed and Carol Gladstone

I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Nancy Larrabee.  Nancy
led a writing group I belonged to, and previous to that, she so kindly
helped me with some citation questions I had for my children's book.
Her sense of humor and robust laughter gave the group a relaxed yet
professional setting. I remember one session involving memoirs when I
got emotional and stopped reading and Nancy came up and hugged me and
took over speaking for a few minutes while I composed myself.  I'm sure
many people have stories about her compassion, expertise in her field
and well-developed interpersonal skills.  She will be missed, but her
gifts have benefited so many.  RIP Nancy.

Mary Grace Whalen, Author/Blogger