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Childrens: Wonderbooks


So Many Wonderbooks...

Audio + Print bound together for literacy and fun!

Check out a new way to read Wonderbooks.

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Wonderbooks are a print book with a ready-to-play audiobook inside. Kids can just press play to read or sing along with their favorite books. Then switch to Learning Mode for literacy learning and comprehension questions to check your young reader’s understanding of the story. 


Read-Along & Sing-Along

Turn the pages and read along as the embedded audio player reads the book out loud.  

Some Wonderbooks, like Old MacDonald Had A Farm, even sing the story to you!

Research shows that hearing and seeing words at the same time can improve reading success rates.
Wonderbooks give kids an edge with vocabulary development, phonics, and comprehension, plus encourages deeper engagement with every book.


Lots of Features

  • Easy-to-use play controls for kids with how-to instructions included on the inside cover
  • Outside-facing speaker for high-quality audio
  • Headphone jack for independent listening
  • Micro-USB charging port, compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • 2-3 modes are available: Read-along and Learning Mode or Sing-along Mode



What are the educational benefits of Wonderbooks?
Hearing and seeing words at the same time strengthens reading development, opens a new window by building vocabulary, phonics, comprehension, and fluency.

What is Learning Mode?
The narrator-led question and answer session promotes reading comprehension. It also gives parents examples of ways to talk to their children about what they read.

How do I know if a Wonderbook is charged? 
A solid green light on the bottom of the device means Wonderbook is charged and ready to play. A flashing red light signals a low battery and less than 1 hour of playtime left.

How do I charge Wonderbooks?
A micro USB cord will charge Android or iOS devices. Plug it into the port on the bottom of the device. Each Wonderbook charges completely in 1 hour and averages 16 - 20 hours of play once fully charged.