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Learn About Film

undefinedSpecial Guests at the Jacob Burns Film Center
on YouTube!
The Jacob Burns Film Center has posted videos of public discussions and Q&A's with filmmakers, actors, and public figures. Get behind the scenes stories about the conception and making of films, and their impact on culture and society. 

Visual Glossary of Filmmaking from Jacob Burns Film Center
Discover film techniques and explore how they are used through clips from popular films. 

undefinedTrebeca Talks: At Home
Recordings Available on Facebook
"This year, you’re getting a front-row seat to Tribeca’s signature Tribeca Talks presented by AT&T — because we’re bringing all the conversations into your home! Join us exclusively on Facebook for a series of intimate, festival-style Q&As with the creators and stars behind movies and TV shows you’re loving right now — and the ones you’ll be binge-watching in the future."

FIlm & TV Podcasts

IMDB: Movies that Changed My Life PodcastFilmspotting PodcastScore: The PodcastTV's Top Five: The Hollywood Reporter PodcastThe Projection Booth Podcast