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Exhibits: Covid-19 Memory Project

Covid-19 Memory Project

The Covid-19 Memory Project is intended to be a slice of history; a record of the impact the pandemic has had on the community.  Through pictures and words community members reflect on how life has been transformed in Greenburgh and Westchester County during this global crises.  The collected photographs and writings speak to their experiences during this difficult time.  The world has been grossly impacted by the pandemic, both on a human and economic level.  Early on Westchester County was the epicenter of the virus.  Many people in the United States and the world have succumbed to the virus. Many loved ones have been lost. This project serves as a small snippet on what life was like during this difficult time in history.  This is our moment as a community to remember how we all endured this virus and how we persevered. 

Covid-19 Memory Project - Slide Show