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Exhibits: Previous Art Exhibits

Previous Artists and Their Websites

In descending order of appearance:

Carrol Perron Sommerfield
Nikah Benne

The Arc Westchester

Debra Friedkin
Westchester Photographic Society

Barbara Glab
Inza Martinez
Dolores Santoliquido

Seema Kapur Varma

Hubert Williams
Westchester Photographic Society
Bruce Jacovitz
Doris Mady
Randy Williams
Carla Rae Johnson "ARC of the Moral Universe: A Notebook Project
Scarsdale Art Association "Winter Show and Sale"
Westchester Photographic Society "Places I've Seen" 
Blanca Medina "Dolls, Cards, Embroidery and Jewelry Creations" (Glass Display Case)
" Beyond Boundaries" Community Art
Yvette Jones "Chick Designs: Jewelry and Accessories for Women & Men" (Glass Display Case)
Brenda Pardo "Feel / Siente"

Anne Myers-Stewart  "Upcycled Bottle"  (Glass Display Case)
Carol Perron Sommerfield "Seasons" Solo Exhibit 
Richard Cox "Medical Cannabis" (Glass Display Case)
​Akimie Worrell, Britney Isaacs, Omar Morton, and Tzuriel Shaddai
"Vice & Victory"
Anna Lemin "Restore, Repair, Preserve & Create" Alex Karenin Estate Jewelry
Biagio Gino Civale : "Chance Encounters" Paintings, Serigraphs, Etchings and
Library Celebrates 10 Years in New Building and 50 Years as Library (Glass Display Cases)
Westchester Photographic Society "Surf and Turf"
​Elinor Stecker-Orel  "Book It: The Nontraditional World Of Artists Books" (Glass Display Cases)

Yvette Jones "A Universe Of Passion : Chic Designs" Jewelry (Glass Display Cases)
Barbara Glab "Spectacular Quilts From Traditional Blocks"
Gina Lombardi Bratter  "Bowls & Paper" (Glass Display Cases)
Color Camera Club Of Westchester "Photography"

Richard Cox, "Magazine Covers and Other Memorabilia of the Black Experience" (Glass Display Cases)
Diddy Gomerman "Jewelry by Diddy" (Glass Display Cases)
Ron Carran "Scapes" Photography
Westchester Photographic Society
Zhau Xi-Hua :  Chinese Brush Painting (Glass Display Cases)
Jody Borhani "Leopards Molting Between Rooftops" art installation  (Glass Display Cases)
Ariadne Caras Pilarinos "Twelve Tangents Series CIV - 104"
Westchester Community College Center for the Arts
2017 Photo Contest : Howard Jacobs Photography Exhibit
Joyce Schenker "Popsicle Stick Art circa 1930s - 1940s" (Glass Display Cases)
The Scarsdale Art Association " Small Works"
Dianne Ricard, "Artistry in Jewelry" (Glass Display Cases)
David Stewart Brown  "Light + Motion: The World Is My Canvas"
Philip Holt and Al Landzberg  "Digital & Steel Portraits of Three Generations" (Glass Display Cases and Sculpture)
Susan Christenson  "ReTurning to the Sun" large watercolors and prints
Karin Reetz and Mary Dee Merrell - Hand-Made Books,
Westchester Photographic Society
Esther Kong Lo , Sculptor "Faces and Identities"
Montsy Maseda - Stamps and Such from Cuba (Glass Display Cases)
Scott Nammacher "Treasures Of The Night Skies"
Vincent Bonacci & Cory Deitchman - Baseball Card Collection (Glass Display Cases)
Monique Chiron Hazel and Tracy Smith - A Tale of Two Artists
The Designs of Diana Lennon (Glass Display Cases)
Westchester County Amateur Photo Contest
Clay Art Center - Clay Expressions (Glass Display Cases)
Carol Perron Summerfield Recent Paintings
Raman Sehgal - Figures of Action – From Star Wars to Super-heroes (Glass Display Cases)
Beyond Boundaries: Community Art Show
Scarsdale Art Association
Westchester Photographic Society
Donna Farranda "The Female Muse: Reflections on Life, Love and Loss" Electronic Paintings
Eleanor Bloom  "Abstract Oil Paintings"
Westchester County Amateur Photo Contest
Sarah Bush  
Barry Mason Oil Paintings and Mounted Works
Mary Parker "Hooked Rugs : An American Folk Art Goes Local"
Theresa Napolitano & Annette Stiloski  Photographs of Flowers and Animals
Westchester Photographic Society
Student Photography Westchester Community College Center for the Arts
2014 Photo Contest
Mamaroneck Artist Guild
5 in February "Local African-American Artists"
Marie Lou Ortiz
CAPTURED VISIONS: Visual Essays by WPS's Sharp Shooters
Westchester Photographic Society
Haeng Seok Kwon  Korean Scroll Calligraphy 
2013 Photo Contest
Alice Walsh
Hank Kearsley
Janet Lippman, Amy Saimovici, Kara Saimovici (Beauty X 3)
Westchester Photographic Society
Elizabeth Vazquez
Westchester Community College Center for the Arts
2012 Photo Contest
Andrew Paul Leonard
Madge Scott
Greenburgh Artists
Westchester Photographic Society
Arnab Banerjee
Erna Brout and Sharon Mooradian
2011 Photo Contest Winners
Greenburgh Central 7 School District Student Art
Jeehye Park Korean Art Exhibit
Westchester Community College Center for the Arts
Salvatore Pedi
Miho Goto
Westchester Photographic Society
Ground Glass
Doreen O'Connor
James Von Carter
2010 Photo Contest Winners
Scott Sager
Carol Lyons
Westchester Photographic Society
Herb Levart
Beverly Rivers
Michael Pressman Safari
Michael Pressman Viera Wetlands
Mike Rizzo
Ground Glass
Svetlana Stefanova Slavova
Marlene Fisher