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Exhibits: Upcoming Art Exhibits

Upcoming Exhibit in the Howard and Ruth Jacobs Gallery

Sonika Gupta and Laya Joseph
Artistic Perceptions: A Two Woman Show

June 19, 2023 through July 29, 2023
Artist Reception: July 22, 2023 - 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Sonika Gupta is a visual artist based in New York.  She creates oil and acrylic paintings that explore a range of expression.  She aspires to utilize both familiar and unexpected forms, vibrant colors, and thoughtful compositions to portray perceptive stories. Ms. Gupta finds that the creative process of art and the act of viewing it can have a cathartic power.  Also, the opportunity to develop and reflect on artwork is a much-needed gift of solace in our hectic world, and Ms. Gupta hopes to share that gift with you.
Laya Joseph is an abstract and semi abstract landscape painter. She is drawn to the ever changing skies and the drama and mood the sky creates in a landscape. Skies are therefore the focus of her paintings. Her landscapes are not of any particular place but rather expressionistic and often allegorical. Ms. Joseph uses palette knives as her main tool to paint with and also brushes and some mark making techniques to bring that sense of drama, energy and motion in her landscapes.

Upcoming Exhibit in the Glass Display Cases on the 2nd Floor