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Exhibits: Upcoming Art Exhibits

Upcoming Exhibit in the Howard and Ruth Jacobs Gallery


Kurt Capalbo
Recollections Unlimited
March 16, 2024 through April 29 2024
Reception: TBA

Kurt Capalbo is a visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York. His work revolves around harnessing the natural entropy of forgotten materials to highlight the degradation we create in modern society. 

Works transcend a single medium using upcycling as a methodology. Material elements include: glass, metals, polymers and wax alongside conventional acrylics, oils, markers and pencils.

Explorations through urban and natural environments provide the menagerie of raw materials, often treated as waste, as inspiration for his eclectic visual motifs. He refers to his work as socially responsive and innately durable by striving to bring beauty from discarded byproducts. Akin to the randomness of particles colliding, he meshes an artistic menagerie of organic adaptations enabling his work to take on a life of its own and endure.


Upcoming Exhibit in the Glass Display Cases on the 2nd Floor