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Read Libby eBooks on Kindle

What is GPL's Digital Library?
Your WLS library card gives you access to Libby and Hoopla. GPL cardholders also have access to cloudLibrary. This digital collection has fiction and nonfiction titles for children, teens, and adults.

What Kindle e-readers work with Libby?
Kindle (newer generation), Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Oasis, Kindle app on your smartphone or tablet.
Kindle Fire (see the section Libby for Kindle Fire Tablets)

How borrowing works
A WLS library card is required. E-books, audiobooks, and magazines circulate like other library materials. The library owns a copy (or copies) of each title and they are checked out to one borrower at a time. If a title is available, you can check it out right away. If a title is checked out, you can place it on hold. You can choose how long you check out a title: 7 or 14 days. The title automatically expires after the lending period is complete. If you prefer, you can return an item earlier than the due date. You may have up to 10 titles checked out at a time and 10 holds pending at a time.

Set up your computer/smartphone and Kindle e-reader to work with Libby

  • On your computer, go to
  • OR Download the Libby, by Overdrive app in the Apple App store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). Once installed, open the app.
  • In Libby, follow the prompts to find your library and sign in with your library card and PIN. You will be accessing titles from the Westchester Library System. Your default PIN are the last 4 digits of your phone number.

Click to search for a specific author or title.

Click to open the library collection you were most recently browsing.

Click to open the menu.

Click to see your loans, holds, and tags.

Click to see your timeline.

In the Menu

  • Click "Manage Notifications" to change your notification settings. Once set up, in-app ("menu badge") notifications appear at the top of the menu. Click a library to browse their collection. Your library is Westchester Library System.
  • Click "Get Some Help" to suggest an idea, search for answers to your questions, and find solutions to common problems.
  • Click "Settings" to customize the app to your preferences.
  • Click "Accessibility Features" to adjust the appearance or behavior of the app to your needs.
  • Click "Read Books With..." to choose to read with Kindle or Libby.

Finding titles and filtering the results

  • Click Search in the footer to do basic author and title searches. To run an advanced search, click "+ more." This lets you search by subject, format, date added, and more.
  • Click Library in the footer to explore the collection.

Using "Preferences" and "Refine" to filter your results

  • After you complete a search, you can click "Preferences" to filter your search results to provide only the content you want to see. This will apply to all future browsing and search results until you change your preferences again.
  • To sort or filter a specific list or search results, use the "Refine" option. This will temporarily override your preferences. The most important "Refine" tool is "Availability." Click this to change the results from "Everything" to "Available Now."

Borrowing titles

  • First, change your reading preference for e-books to Kindle. This is different from setting your search preference noted on the previous page.
    • Go to Menu > Settings > Read Book With...
    • Select "Kindle."
  • When you find a title, click the book cover. This takes you to the title's details page and a link to read or listen to a sample of the book.
  • Click "Borrow."
  • Choose your loan period by clicking the underlined loan period. It will default to this selection next time. If desired, select a new loan period. Now tap "Borrow" again.
  • Click "Read With Kindle."
  • A new tab will open in your browser, taking you to your Amazon account. Sign in, if necessary.
  • Click the "Get Library Book" button. Make sure the name of your Kindle is selected. This delivers the e-book to your Kindle e-reader.
  • Turn on your Kindle e-reader and connect to Wi-Fi. The title should appear. If it does not, you may need to go to your Kindle e-reader tools and tap "Sync My Kindle."

Reading titles

  • Tap the cover of the downloaded book in your Kindle e-reader to open.
  • You should be able to access reading tools on a Kindle e-reader by tapping in the upper third of the screen (adjust font size, margins, and spacing, as well as jump to chapters).

Placing holds

  • You can place an item on hold if it is checked out.
  • Click the book cover to open the details page.
  • Click "Place Hold." Libby will tell you how long you may have to wait to borrow the title.
  • If you find the wait time acceptable, tap "Place Hold!"
  • The shelf view will show you all your holds and tools to suspend or cancel your holds.

Checking out holds

  • When a hold becomes available, you only have three days to act on it.
  • Once notified, find your waiting hold in the shelf under holds. Click "Borrow."
  • If you're not ready to borrow it, you can have it delivered later. Go to shelf > holds. Click "Deliver Later." Pick a "deliver after" date.

Returning Kindle e-reader books early

  • Your title will return itself on its due date. You can also return it early.
  • Go to shelf > loans. Click "Manage Loan" located next to the book cover.
  • Click "Return Early," then "Return."
  • To remove the book from your Kindle, press and hold your finger on the book cover. A menu should appear that will allow you to "Delete this title" or "Delete this letter." If your Kindle is older, there may be other methods to remove the title.

Renewing titles

  • You can renew a title a few days before its due date.
  • Go to shelf > loans. Click "Manage Loan." Click "Renew Loan," then "Renew."
  • There are a few reasons why you might be unable to renew a title:
    • Someone else has the title on hold. In this case, you'll see a "Place Hold" button (instead of "Renew"), which means you need to wait to borrow it again.
    • It's too early to renew the book. Libby will tell you how much longer you need to wait before you can renew it.
    • The title may have expired or been manually removed from the library's catalog.

Need more help? Ask Libby or your library

  • For more help within the app, tap the menu icon. Under Help & Support, tap "Get Some Help."
  • Call the library at 914-721-8225 or ask a Librarian at the Information Desk.
  • Make a technology appointment request.