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Kathy Discovers the Joy of Watching TV with Her Library Card.

by Genie Contrata on 2019-06-24T09:32:00-04:00 in Films, Collections, Adults | Comments

Kathy Schneiderman is one of my eResource students and I count her as a convert to the world of digital streaming and downloading of films, TV shows and documentaries.

And like all good converts, Kathy is helping me spread the word about the library’s digital collections. eResource students get a one-on-one, 45 minute appointment with me to learn about the digital collection of your choice.

Kathy, how did you get to know the library?

I started volunteering for GPL Friend’s bookstore and soon found myself on the Board of the Friends.

I remember when we met, it was at a Friends board meeting where I did a presentation on the library’s digital collections.

Yes, you introduced me to Acorn TV.  I must fess up, I was a little reluctant at first, because, I’ve been a devoted fan of Masterpiece Theatre and all BBC TV since the very early seventies, watching every possible series.  What’s a girl to do after watching all PBS has to offer?

But you swooped and came to my rescue introducing me to Acorn TV from the library.

What are your favorite shows on Acorn TV?

There are just too many spectacular series to recommend, I’m flummoxed.  My top 3 recommendations will transport you.

There is a terrific French mystery, called The Disappearance.  You’ll be madly in love with The Disappearance if any of you caught Broadchurch on iTunes or Netflix with this year’s Oscar winner Olivia Colman and David Tennant. 

The Aussie family saga, A Place to Call Home is a must see.  I’m warning you, be prepared to stop living for all 6 seasons, about 48 episodes that you never want to end.  I truly forgot about the world for the 2 weeks it took me to watch.

Michael Kitchen is brilliant in the BBC series Foyle's War. A spectacular look at intrigue and war crimes in a remote English town.

What is it like to use Acorn TV from the library?

It is truly simple, because I sat down with you.  We worked together for about 45 minutes and set up my account, practiced borrowing the Acorn TV pass and selecting shows to watch.  Getting that little push from you really helped me feel comfortable with the app.  I encourage everyone to make an appointment with you for help, it’s so nice to have someone to get you started.

What do you use to watch Acorn TV shows?

I downloaded the Acorn TV app to my television.  I use the RB Digital app on my iPad to borrow the weekly Acorn TV pass, then I switch to my TV, open the Acorn TV app and browse for the shows I want to view.  Sometimes I just watch on my iPad.

I think the weekly pass is a big advantage, what about you?

Absolutely, the weekly pass makes it very convenient.  I can binge watch an entire season or try multiple shows and add them to my watchlist to see later.  The shows are always available, and if the pass expires before I’ve viewed every episode, I can just go borrow the pass again.  It’s a great value and I’m so glad the library picked up the Acorn TV subscription.

Any last words?

Just do it, call Genie, she’ll walk your through the technicalities and it is so worth it.

Happy watching, if you enjoy these as much as I did many more suggestions to come, oh did I mention
GPL’s Kanopy movie app... you’ll just need to be patient to hear about that.

To become my next digital convert, call me, Genie Contrata, at 914-721-8232 for an appointment.

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