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Game on!

by Antonio Forte on 2019-09-07T11:08:15-04:00 in Everyone, Teen | Comments

I remember so many things about going to the library as a kid. Story time with the librarian, loads of picture books, and rows and rows of non-fiction books about every subject I could imagine. By far what I remember most fondly is games. In those days games consisted of board games like Candy Land, Monopoly, and Chutes and Ladder. Playing cards were the only other options and were mostly limited to your standard playing cards and maybe “Old Maid”. Console based video games, computer games, and role playing games (RPG’s) were virtually non-existent in libraries. Today’s library gaming has all of these options from console based video games, standard table-top games, role-playing games (RPG’s), and a variety of trading card games (TCG’s). Here are some interesting tidbits about playing board games!

First and foremost, games can be useful in improving reading and literacy skills. Most games come with a set of directions that the player is required to read and understand. This applies to video games, table top games, and trading card games. Also, players are often introduced to new words while trying to follow directions or while reading up on particular characters in the game. Read more about the benefits of gaming in the library here.

By far my favorite part of gaming is the social aspect. I can remember just starting a new game in the library when another child would come up and say “Hey, can I play?” This has not changed in today’s gaming. I see it in Teenburgh all the time. A new kid will come in and ask the same question to a group playing video games and in no time they are all playing together. And don’t worry, the classics are not dead!  I’ve also been asked “Do you have any playing cards?” and seen a game take off from there.

International Games Week is November 3rd to the 9th and we have two events planned already. On Tuesday night November 5th is Magic: the Gathering trading card game for teens in Teenburgh and on Wednesday November 6th is Chess for Children in the Children’s Library. If you have any ideas or suggestions for games or gaming events please drop your idea in the suggestion box or see me in Teenburgh. Game on!

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