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Digitize Your Memories: VHS Conversion Equipment at Greenburgh Public Library

by Nicole Guenkel on 2024-05-17T11:33:00-04:00 in Adults, Computers & Technology, Digital Collections, Library of Things, Movies & Television | 0 Comments

Do you have old VHS tapes taking up space in your home and no way of easily watching them? Good news! Greenburgh Public Library recently acquired VHS conversion equipment that easily converts your analog media to digital files. Simply reserve the equipment and bring your tapes and a storage device to the library at your scheduled time. Staff will provide a laptop with the necessary software and equipment.

The key benefits of converting your old VHS tapes to digital are increased accessibility and reduced physical storage space. Unlike VHS tapes, which require specific playback equipment, digital formats are easily accessible to a wider audience. Additionally, VHS tapes take up physical space in our homes. By converting these tapes to digital, you can free up space for other purposes while maintaining access to the content. 

Moreover, some content on VHS cassette tapes, like this video from a Hartsdale Oral History project, may contain unique or rare content that may not exist in any other format. Converting these tapes to digital formats allows libraries to make these materials available to a broader range of patrons, including those who may not have access to VHS players, and preserves this content for future generations to explore and learn from. libraries are crucial in preserving and providing access to valuable cultural and historical content.

Visit our website for more details, including reservation policies and FAQs. Preserve your memories and digitize your VHS tapes at Greenburgh Public Library!




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