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Hey Everyone! Comics!

by Antonio Forte on 2019-06-28T10:00:00-04:00 in Graphic Novels, Reader's Advisory, Teen | Comments

"Hey Kids! Comics!" was a popular advertising phrase seen on magazine racks back in the days when comic books first hit the press. Although there are still a ton comics strictly geared for kids, a more appropriate advertising phrase for today would be "Hey Everyone! Comics!". There is literally a comic or graphic novel out there for everyone. Comics and graphic novels are a form or medium. Within this medium you can read fiction, non-fiction, biography or whatever! Just like any other book some comics are light and easy to read while others can be dark, dense, and really hard to get through. So the next time you're at the library looking for your next read, consider a comic in whatever genre you like. Remember to "read" the pictures as well as the text to get the full experience.

See my reviews below of a couple of favorite titles.

​Unflattening by Nick Sousanis - This non-fiction graphic novel beautifully illustrates the benefits and allure of the comics and graphic novel medium. Nick Sousanis unfolds the meaning of comics while his words and illustrations guide you through your own "Unflattening" experience. Comic book readers and new comers, alike, will come away with a better understanding and a different perspective of this literary form. Rich with meaning and symbolism, this book is both informative and inspiring.


Through the Woods by Emily Carroll - If you are a fan of fairy tales and ghost stories, you'll love this book. Emily Carroll's graphic novel of bone chilling short stories takes you back to your childhood when scary stories still haunted your bedtime. Her combination of frightening imagery and rich coloring makes for a truly spine tingling experience!  
Ms. Marvel: No Normal by G. Willow Wilson - Kamala Khan is a teenage Pakistani Muslim American growing up in Jersey City, NJ with a strong desire to be an "intergalactic super hero". When her wish somehow magically comes true, she suddenly has some major adjustments to make in order to control her newly acquired powers. All this in addition to dealing with every day life as teenager. Easy, right?! Reminiscent of  Peter Parker's experiences with becoming Spider-man, Ms. Marvel: No Normal is fun, exciting, and refreshing. A truly enjoyable read!
Akira: Vol 1 by Katsuhiro Otomo - This manga is non-stop action from cover to cover. It takes place in the future of a post World War 3 Tokyo where there exists a power struggle between the government and the anti-government faction. Streetwise gangs are forced into the fray as fate plays its hand forcing them to choose sides. From motorcycle chases to telekinetic fight scenes, this book is a worthy read for any manga or action/adventure fan!
For more graphic novels check out our catalog! Most days you can find me in Teenburgh, where i'd be happy to talk Graphic novels with you, and make some recommendations! 

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