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The Library is a place..

by John Sexton on 2019-07-10T11:30:26-04:00 in Everyone | Comments

We are very grateful to have received well over 800 responses to our recent library survey to the community. Thanks to all of our community members who took the time to let us know how we are doing and where they think we can improve our services.

In my initial look at the responses, what stood out for me was the number of times I saw the phrase, “The library is a place where…”. This struck me because it is my job as Library Director to think of the library more organically as an organization. We serve our community through a dedicated and knowledgeable staff, by facilitating learning and literacy opportunities, from checking out books to research and classes for all ages - and I don’t often first think of the library as a "place." 

But of course, it is!  Our library can be looked at as an iconic architectural landmark that dramatically states our community’s commitment to all the things a library represents.  For the respondents to our survey, as sampled from just a small fraction of the responses, it is a place:

               For meeting
             For reading
             For learning
             For research
             For study
             For continuing to enrich my life
             For programs
             To bring newcomers
             To be curious
             To be surprised
             To enjoy quiet
             For helping educate people
             For encouraging children to read
             For involving community
             For socializing
             For books
             For work
             For entertainment
             For getting things I can’t afford elsewhere
             For finding something for all ages
             For inquiring about anything

These responses that mention “place” go on and on and convince me that one of the wonders of a public library is that it truly enriches lives by not only providing opportunities to grow, learn and connect, but by first and foremost being a beautiful and spacious place to safely do that and so much more.    

We will be analyzing all of the responses to our survey and incorporate what we learn in our new strategic plan (which we expect to complete by the end of the year) that will help shape our services in the coming years.  In the meantime, next time you visit the library think about what this place is for you!

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