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Health & Wellness - Tips for Healthy Web Surfing

by Carol Angert on 2018-11-08T10:25:39-05:00 | Comments


When you have a question about your or your family's health, you may look it up on the Internet. You can find accurate health information on many sites. But, you are also likely to run across a lot of questionable, even false content. How can you tell the difference? 

Note: This video which was created by the University of Texas at Austin offers very helpful strategies for how to find credible health information online for college students as well as the general public.



Checking Out Online Sources of Health Information: Five Quick Questions
If you’re visiting an online health site for the first time or downloading a new app, ask these five questions:


Who runs or created the site or app? Can you trust them?

What is the site or app promising or offering? Do its claims seem too good to be true?

When was its information written or reviewed? Is it up-to-date?

Where does the information come from? Is it based on scientific research?

Why does the site or app exist? Is it selling something?


For more information see the MedlinePlus Guide to Healthy Web Surfing

 The Greenburgh Public Library (GPL) has implemented a website to provide a friendly, useful access point to the Library’s health resources and information on the internet; to provide research tools to help users find what they need quickly and efficiently; and to provide a set of pre-selected sites and resources that are reliable and safe for all library users. Check out the GPL Health & Wellness Guide.


Disclaimer: The GPL librarians do not write health information, except to provide brief descriptions of the website links. Instead, GPL librarians find, select, and organize access to consumer health information that is current, relevant, accurate, and unbiased.



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